August In East Texas

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It’s too hot! I am whiny and miserable all day long. My family suffers from lack of a delicious hot meal. My dog suffers from having to lay around all day because I refuse to take her for her usual walk. My husband suffers from my relentless bad mood. My house needs cleaning and my yard is dead. The sheets have been on the bed way too long and all my clothes are dirty. Yesterday on the way to my dad’s house to fix a lame supper the car thermometer read 102 – and it isn’t going to get any better any time soon.

At least I don’t have a job that requires me to work outside. Don’t really know how they do that! My brother’s business – Arthur the Handyman – has suffered because he isn’t able to work outside either – at least not for long periods of time. He has to get up and get started early and quit by noon in order to survive the heat. My two cats that like it outside want to come in more than usual – and I have no problem with that. I’m willing to walk farther if there is a shade tree at the back of any parking lot. If the errand requires five minutes or less I just leave the car running and hope for the best (as far as car thieves).

Texas is known for having a hot climate and I have lived in Texas all my life but that doesn’t make things any easier – I have never gotten used to the summer heat. August is especially hot and this is August. No holidays in August. Absolutely nothing to look forward to in August. HEAT HOT SWELTERING

When I was a young girl my family lived in Sherman, Texas, which is up north in my present world. We didn’t have air-conditioning but instead used water coolers. I spent a good part of a summer afternoon in front of the water cooler making sounds in order to hear the way the fan distorted my voice. I never remember it being too hot. Then we moved to East Texas and found out about humidity and heat. My Dad purchased the family’s first air-conditioner that first summer in Nacogdoches. And as soon as possible, he bought an air-conditioned car, too.

If I win the lottery I am definitely buying a summer home in a cool climate. But with global warming where will that be? I hear now that up north in Sherman it is just as hot as my part of the world. Oh well, excuse me while I go get a popsicle…………