Baseball Season Is Here!!!!

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I L-O-V-E BASEBALL! Every October I mourn after the World Series game and every April I am so happy to see opening day. Being from Texas and having my formative years in the ‘70s, naturally I am a Houston Astros fan. A couple of years ago they broke my heart when they traded everyone that was anyone and then proceeded to be at the bottom last of the rankings for several seasons. I actually quit watching and soon I didn’t have to feel bad about not watching because the TV station quit airing their games and started showing the Texas Rangers instead.

But my team is back! I’m learning their names again and hope to be watching them on TV again, although their opening game in New York was rained out yesterday! My son did not catch baseball fever and is instead a huge football fan. So I am working slowly on my two granddaughters. I have a very early memory of my mom watching a baseball game on a tiny black and white TV in our tiny living room. I could not have been more than five years old but I still remember her loudly yelling for her team and jumping up and down in joy when they made a run. I don’t know who was playing or why this one game was having that effect on her but I still remember her joy. It’s a wonderful memory.

Baseball signals a new beginning. It is spring and we are hopeful……….