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Back Porch Sittin’ in Texas

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I love the fact that we are having a real spring in East Texas this year. Most years we jump straight from winter temps to summer temps (90 and above) but this year is different. My animals are enjoying it, too. When I ventured out back this morning it was only me and Scarlet, the dog. But I was soon joined by the cats, Deuce, Tooley, and Buster, and then Henrietta showed up. She is my one remaining Buff Orpington chicken. We all sat and languished in the nice overcast morning.

Most days I get up and get dressed and start working – empty the litter boxes, make breakfast and then clean up after, go in the office and check the banking and email, pack up the items that may have sold and prepare them for shipping, take pictures and post new items, make lunch and clean up after, take more pictures and post more items, and on and on and on……..

Sometimes we all need to stop what we are doing and go outside. Sit and listen to the birds. Take the time to pet the cats. It feels good.

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