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Chuck and I have loads of loving family scattered throughout several states, including his parents in Georgia and my dad with me here in Texas. My mom died seven years ago this March and you can be sure her presence looms lovingly over us all! Whenever I wrap a gift, I hear her telling me to fold the first end but wait! “Don’t tape it yet! Turn the package up on the other end now. Fold and tape this end and then go back and tape the other end – it’s so much easier that way.” See what I mean?

My dad will be 93 years old this year and he just seems more and more like that wise, old owl sitting in the tree – observing and still learning but so much wiser than the rest of us. Oh sure, he needs help to refill prescriptions by phone since his hearing is gone; and there is just no explaining technology to him – don’t even try. But he is wise about other things – like hunger and hungry people; traveling to far away and strange places; getting along with others who are nothing at all like yourself; understanding people who are grieving – these are things he is so wise about because he has experienced all of these things in his lifetime. I hope to be half as wise as he is some day.

Chuck will be in Georgia this coming weekend – February 19th, 20th, and 21st – at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. He is bringing some great new finds, including Gorham Cinderella pattern sterling silver hollowware, several elegant sterling cigarette cases from England, a beautiful pair of 14k gold cufflinks found at an estate, and much more! I will be here in Texas with Dad as he undergoes some testing for a medical procedure, but be sure to go visit Chuck at our booth in Hall D (turn left past the office and go to the back wall and there is our booth) or check out our LewisAndSon Etsy shopClick Here, our ebay storeClick Here, our website LewisSonLLC.comClick Here, or my Etsy shop of broken but gorgeous antiques called FabulousFlawedFindsClick Here.