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Life's Little Moments

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Life can be funny in so many ways.

Just yesterday Chuck said “See you later” and headed out the door to Shreveport. It takes him about 1 ½ hours to get to the Antique Mall there. But twenty minutes later he walked back in the door. I said, “What’s wrong?” He told me he forgot his phone and came back to get it. I said, “Next time that happens just call me and I’ll meet you halfway…….” Of course, we both died laughing when I thought about what I had just said.

The rest of the working day was spent with me taking pictures of items to list and then cropping the pictures and writing descriptions before posting to my website, ebay, and the two Etsy shops. The thing is – has anyone else discovered how difficult it is to get a closeup of a detail with a camera phone? It is so hard for me to get the camera to focus and when it finally clears up I find that I need a third hand to push the button to take the picture. I felt absolutely ridiculous trying to push the button with anything I could think of besides my finger – my elbow, my nose, anything but move my hands away and blur the photo!

Thank goodness for the levity of life – otherwise, some days would be quite unbearable!

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Hang in there, everyone! Find some levity in life today.